Closeburn ITT March 31st 2012 - Results

The winter season kicked off with a pretty good turn out in perfect conditions. Lots of new gear
and fast bikes as always.

Sorry we didn't have results available after the event, we had a few things to check and then the
battery on the laptop went flat. Here are the full results
Many thanks to all our regular and rostered volunteers - especially Commissaire Peter McDonald
and scorer Gary Alcorn who has compiled all the results.

I believe Tom Collier's time of 45:58 is a new course record.

John Murazak from A Grade had a heavy fall. However he re-mounted his bike, finished the course, pulled into the marshalling area with blood dripping from his elbow and knee, dismounted and announced "I think I need First Aid assistance."

First Aid Officer later advised officials that John had a broken collar bone as well as the obvious cuts and abrasions. His final comment summed it all up "He's a tough mudder!!!."

And John still wasn't last in A Grade with a51:10!!

A Grade

1. Tom Collier
2. Andy Patten
3. Owen Gillott
4. Simon Garvan
5. Mick Manson
B Grade
1. Ian Hodge
2. Mitch Neumann
3.Scott Petterson
4. Adam Harrison
1st Lady Donna Fyfe
C Grade
1. Nicholas Mills
2. John Chapman
3. Howard Cameron
4. Rene Lubbers
5. John Madigan
1st Lady Mel Symon
C2 Grade
1. Paul Dahl
2. Wayne Wilson
3. John Woodhouse
4. Scott Smith
5. Ted Alexander
1st Lady Leanne Burrows
D Grade
1. Jim Loyden
2. Ric Svanberg
3. Ernie Butler
4. Andrew Alexander
E Grade
1. John Birtwhistle
2. Bob McIntyre
A Grade Winner Tom Collier
John Murazak still managed a 51:10 despite falling off on a pothole and breaking a collarbone!
National Masters TT champ Andy Patten
John Bertwhistle
Anthony Collins
Emma Jackson