Grading System/Points Score

Grading System - What Grade do I race in?

1.       All riders must be graded by the HWCC Handicapper before being able to race at a HWCC event. This should be completed prior to the day of the event.
2.       All riders must race ONLY in the grade they are allocated to.
3.       Re-grading is dependent on:

(a) Performance based on accumulated points and/or
(b) the discretion of the HWCC handicapper

4.       Junior grading (U/19 and younger) – re-grading can be determined by either:

  • Endorsement by Junior Coach at weekly training sessions
  • Pre-arranged race day assessment
  • Demonstrated ability and race results approved by the HWCC handicapper
Please note: The underlying principle behind grading is that riders are allocated to a grade where they will be competitive regardless of age or gender, AND with all riders’ safety being a paramount consideration.

Our Club does everything possible to ensure everyone is racing in the appropriate grade, both in the interest of safety and fairness of competition. Many complaints have been received regarding inexperienced riders being out of their depths and causing accidents. Our policy is to place riders in a grade where they will be safe and competitive, based on their experience and bike fitness and regardless of gender, and for riders to learn how to race and win in a range of scenarios before moving up through the grades.

We have a computer system for registration which automatically enters riders into their correct grade when their membership card is swiped. Once a rider is assigned a club grade, they must only race in that grade regardless of the course or how much they have ridden or where their mates are riding. To move up a grade riders must score 10 points over a 6 month period. Points score more than 6 months prior do not count. See below for full details on the points system. Riders who are uncompetitive (e.g. not attacking in breakaways, no 10 top places and/or multiple DNFs) may be moved down a grade. This provides an incentive for riders to aim for, and also eliminates countless arguments about who should ride in what grade. The rules are applied equally to all riders.

The grading philosophy is that riders, regardless of age or gender, should race in a grade where they are competitive, meaning on a good day they are fighting for a podium position, not just hanging on at the back.

All riders (members and visitors) must be graded before entering their first race and are asked to contact the handicapper by the thursday evening before race day to obtain a grade.  This is only so that the handicapper gets to race as well!

Grading Lists
We run semi-regular training races where riders (members and visitors alike) are given the basic skills to allow them to race safely. We ask that all members attend one of these sessions to be endorsed as 'competent'. Moving up a grade may be dependant on attending one of these sessions.

Riders must ride in their allocated grade unless otherwise permitted by the handicapper. If you wish to ride up or down a grade you must ask first. Riders who are not on the members or visitors grading list must contact the handicappers in advance (no later than thursday evening) to obtain a grading.  Again, this is only so that the handicapper gets to race as well!

All grading applications should done via the form below. Make sure you hit the 'SUBMIT' button, you will then get a confirmation email. The more information you provide, the better we will be able to place you in the most competitive grade:

Please note: This form will not be available after the cutoff time, which is 8pm Thursday night for Saturday events. The form will reopen after the event. Please ensure you submit your application well in advance to allow time for our volunteers to process and update our systems and reply with grading,safety and event information.

If you have a CQ Open grading then your initial club grading will more than likely be on that, but we also factor in advice from other club handicappers, advice on recent results, training and experience.  Note that a change to your CQ Open Grading does not mean your club grading will change.


Upgrading/6 month Rolling Points Score

Results are tallied and riders automatically move up a grade after scoring 10 points over a rolling 6 month period in a number of top 4 finishes as follows:

Road Races (incl. Time Trials): 
1st 5 Pts, 2nd 4 Pts, 3rd 3 Pts, 4th 2 Pts, 1st Unplaced Lady 0.5 Pts (where 3 or more competitors)
1st 3 Pts; 2nd 2 Pts, 3rd 1 Pt, 4th 1 Pt, Prime 0.5pts, 1st Unplaced Lady 0.5 Pts (where 3 or more competitors)

Riders may be moved up a grade at the discretion of the handicapper if they have demonstated that they are completely destroying the field in their current grade (e.g. 20 minute solo breakaway for the win). 
The latest points tally is below:

A detailed rider history is below (note history only goes back to Sept 2013 and for races prior to 1-Mar-14 only placings are recorded) :

Open Gradings

If you wish to compete in 'Open' Events, you first require an Open Grading from Cycling Queensland. Open Events are the next step up from local club events are are all listed on the Cycling Queensland Road Calendar. They are larger events, open to riders from all over the state, and you must enter online at least two weeks before the event via the Cycling Queensland website.

To apply for a CQ Open Grading, complete a Grading Application Form and send it to who will complete the club section and submit to CQ on your behalf. CQ ask that this be done at least 2 weeks before entering the race online.

Riders new to racing are strongly recommended to gain experience at club level racing before advancing to open events.