Club Kit

Hamilton Wheelers Uniform Ordering System

Be seen in the club colours. We all race most weeks and do interclub events so wear the club kit proudly and show you belong (and it is great value!!) The new season has started and the club kit is available for sale each week at races or can be ordered on line for a short time.

The Champion System portal is next open from:

Fri April 27th Friday 17th May 2018 Delivery is 3-4 weeks.
The benefit of ordering online is that you are able to order kit we do not stock – e.g. higher quality bibs and jerseys, caps, gloves, gilets, arm warmers, etc. See below about sizes, how to order, or just pick up a kit at any race.
Wear the kit and look part of the team!

This is the simple guide to assist you getting a new HWCC kit. The club kit is made by Champion System Aust. You have 3 options in purchasing a kit. They are:
1. Purchase at the club house
2. Purchase from the van at any race
3. Purchase on line
Each option explained –

Options 1 & 2

The club purchases 3 items of apparel, stores them, and on sells to members (as has been current practice). CS has simplified the range of styles this year and the following are similar to the 2016 range.
They are:
- Jersey (Tech Pro Jersey short sleeve – club cut) - $80
- Bibs (Tech bib – grand fondo chamois)             - $105

Jersey/Bibs Total                                             -$185
- Socks – 4’ cuff - $18

Option 3

An online ordering system now operates 3-4 times a year for about 3 weeks.  Further openings will be May, August, and November. Members can go online and order from a host of items listed. Items can be delivered direct to members (cost $15) or delivered to the club and collected (no charge).
Prices are the same online as those sold from the clubhouse.
Additional items are – Arm and leg warmers, Wind Vests, Long sleeved jackets, Caps and bandanas, and Gloves. As a bonus incentive, you can order jerseys and bibs of a higher quality than the standard ones we carry, should you desire. Prices are displayed as you make a choice on line.
To order on line - use the link below:

and all options will be available to you to order.

Delivery times

Expect 3-4 weeks for delivery

Styles Range


Size Charts

See below for Sizing Charts


Whichever system you choose you will end up with a great looking club uniform. So be seen in our colours and enjoy the kit.