Tour de France Tipping Comp

Our 2016 Tour de France Tipping Competition has been run and won.

We had three people select the top three riders: Murray McClymont, Nicholas Free, and Mark McClennan. Fless did a random draw and Nicholas Free was the lucky winner of the $200 prize!


* Froome, Contador, Quintana
Jarryd Whitaker, Bryan Ferris, Darrell Henry, Adrian Cook
* Froome, Contador, Aru
Tim Munro
* Froome, Quintana, Rodriquez
Paul Worroll
* Froome, Quintana, Porte
Stephen Lowe, Les Preston, Grant Rowan, Warren Forbes, Andrew James, Barrie Mead
* Froome, Quintana, Aru
Suz Davis, Marly Harrison, Mark Creaby, Graeme Woolnough, Elwyn Prenzler, Pete Gumbley, Jenni Eason, Gerry Forde
* Froome, Quintana, Pinot
Ashley Dunstan, Seb Vejby, Gary Reddacliff, Louise Broadfood
* Froome, Quintana, Nibali
Steve Munro, Jason Churchward
* Froome, Quintana, Valverde
Dave Roest, Mick Cole
* Froome, Quintana, Bardet
Nicholas Free, Murray McClymont, Mark McClellan
* Froome, Cavendish, Sagan
Donna McAndrew
* Froome, Martin, Aru
Adam Harrison
* Froome, Quintana, van Garderen
Michael Scully, Ross McDougall, Ben Tye
* Froome, Nibali, van Garderen
Gaz Alcorn 
* Froome, Quintana, Mollema
Andrew Peacock
* Froome, Nibali, Porte
Trish Sutton-Davies
* Quintana, Nibali, Porte
Michael DeZwart
* Quintana, Contador, Aru
Terry Cocksedge
* Quintana, Porte, Pinot
Ted Alexander
* Quintana, Porte, Bardet
Andrea Alexander
* Quintana, Nibali, Meintjes
Kim Flesser
* Quintana, Bardet, Sagan
Roger Bower
* Aru, Porte, van Garderen
Renee Lubbers

Volunteering Duty

A message from our Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator, Wayne Wilson

A huge thank you to all members who have volunteered so far this year. The new system has worked really well and our races have been well catered for. Thank you all who have contributed, it has been great.
The new system requires all members who have raced twice in the year, to contribute to a volunteer duty so as to enable safe racing for all.
If you have raced twice and NOT volunteered so far, we NEED you now!!
The following dates do not have adequate volunteers to enable the races to continue:
July 9, 23, 30
August 6, 13, 20
September – 4, 11, 17, 25
October 1, 9, 30
Please contact Willow on  asap and nominate a day. Without adequate officials races will have to be cancelled.


Hamilton Wheelers/UQCC/Sunshine Coast CC Interclub Challenge

The challenge has been run and won by Hamilton!

Well done to all our riders who helped us keep the series again this year. Many thanks to all clubs for a series conducted with hard racing, but a very friendly atmosphere. Thanks especially to all the volunteers and organisers for making it happen!

Final Points Tally 

Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club - 126 points

University of QLD Cycling Club - 100 points

Sunshine Coast Cycling Club - 88 points

Race 1 Results, Photos and Points Score

Race 2 Results

Race 3 Results

Hamilton Wheelers Elite Team

Our new Elite team had their first race at round one of the Queensland Road Team Series (QRTS) with a night crit at Cleveland and a road race the next day at Gatton. Here's  a quick race report.
Round 1 - Cleveland / Gatton - 21-22 May - Twilight Criterium - 
Gatton Road Race
The HWCC team did well on the weekend – Pickles made the A final crit on Saturday whilst on Sunday he and James Madigan finished the RR 130km well in Gatton with James leading the chase pack until 300m from the finish line.
Baz Mead had some bad luck on Sat and the pace of the RR on Sunday was telling on many teams.
Note Stephen Lowe, Nic Rider and Jarryd Whittaker are not in the team photo but are rearing to go for Rd 2 at Warwick July 2-3.
The Brisbane Camperland Queensland Road Team Series (QRTS) is Queensland's premier road racing series where 26 teams of the leading riders in the state compete over four rounds to decide the winning riders and teams across a number of categories. Taking place throughout southern Queensland, the Series offers riders and teams the opportunity to test their skills during a range of individual and team time trials, road races and criteriums. This diversity ensures a range of development and competition opportunities for riders. CLICK HERE for more info.

Read more ...

2016 Grafton to Inverell

Hamilton had quite a few members in this iconic race.

In A Grade Mitch Neumann had a good race, and tried to bridge across to the break of 11 who had a 9 minute gap at the start of the Gibraltar range and paid the price a little but still finished within 10 minutes of the winner's record time. A good ride Mitch!

In B Grade Calem Wilcox took third place, and Ryan Wilson 5th place, Reuben Phillips 16th and Ian Johnston 24th, Barrie Mead 27th, Anthony Zahra 36th and Matt Baxby 52nd.

In C Grade Wayne Wilson fought hard after missing the early moves, arriving in Inverell in just over 8 hours, catching Nicholas Rider and riding together to the line.

Willow just after the finish.

Report and some great photos from our friends at ESi Sports Photography at

Full results here

2016 Club Criterium Championship Details

This Sunday May 15th is the Hamilton Wheelers Club Criterium Championship - round one of three in the Club Championship Series.

Racing is for Hamilton Wheelers members only

  • ROUND 1 Criterium Championship - This Sun May 15th
  • ROUND 2 Individual Time Trial Championship Sat Jun 25th Closeburn @ 7am for Seniors
  • ROUND 3 Road Race Championship Sat Aug 20th Elimbah @1:30pm
Seperate races are conducted for male and female riders in each age division (not by grade). Age divisions are U9,U11,U13,U15,U17 and U19, Elite and Masters. Masters divisions are:
  • Masters 1 (30-34) (male only)
  • Masters 2 (35-39)
  • Masters 3 (40-44)
  • Masters 4 (45-49)
  • Masters 5 (50-54)
  • Masters 6 (55-59)
  • Masters 7 (60-64)
  • Masters 8 (65-69)
  • Masters 9 (70-74)
  • Masters 10 (75+)
Womens Masters start at Masters 2. Some age divisions race together in the same race but seperate points are awarded for each division. Combined divisions are:
  • Women Masters 2,3 & 4
  • Women Masters 5,5,7 & 8
  • Mens Masters 8,9 & 10 

Masters age Male riders who have paid extra for an Elite Licence may race in either Masters OR Elite. You cannot change division during the championship. 

Finalized Schedule of Events for the Criterium Championship this SUNDAY

Club Championship Events.

The Club Championship events are conducted in each of the CA divisions. As such, they do not form part of the Winter Aggregate point score, but are scored on the following basis in each of the three events.

First 10 points plus Gold Medal
Second 6 points plus Silver Medal
Third 4 points plus Bronze Medal
Start 1 point
Finish 1 point
Perform rostered duty 2 points

A special “Champion's” jersey is awarded to the rider in each category with the highest aggregate points and who has competed in all of the three club championship events. There must be more than one rider in the category for a jersey to be awarded.


2016 State Criterium Championships

A special thank you to the HWCC catering team led by Jenni Eason who provided great coffee and food for all the riders, spectators and officials at the crit championships. It was a long day for them all and the club raised a very tidy profit. 

Read more ...

Tyalgum Cup 2016

Quite a few riders travelled across the border to Tyalgum for Murwillumbah CC great annual event over a tough course with beautiful scenery.

Full results

Photos courtesy of Veloshotz

Veloshotz: Downhill, finish line, presentations &emdash; 1649 135650 Tyalgum Cup
Dan Wilson had a great ride in Elite A in a break of 5 and finished 4th.

Veloshotz: Dump Hill &emdash; Tyalgum Cup 2016 (58)
Gordon Baudino had a strong win in Masters D.

Read more ...

Ipswich Junior Tour

While seniors punished themselves in the 'race of truth' some of our juniors competed in Ipswich Cycling Club's Junior Tour.

Criterium Results available HERE Full results to come.

Alexandra Larsson won the U11 girls criterium, and Myles Houghton was 3rd in the U11 boys. Stephanie Leech had a great time in her first open race, winning gold in TT, crit and Road Race. Well done to all our Juniors!

Read more ...

2016 Annual General Meeting

Thanks to all for attending the AGM and a big thank you to those who put up their hand to fulfill one or more of these roles, and we warmly welcome new officials Matt Smart as Club Captain, and Sam Collins as Social Secretary.

Office Bearers
President: Graham Robinson 
Vice-President: Mark Croonen  
Treasurer: Jenni Eason
Secretary: Wayne Wilson
Racing Secretary: Wayne Wilson
Chief Commissaire: Peter McDonald
Club Officials
Handicapper: Adam Harrison
Assistant Handicapper: Mark Croonen 
Assistant Treasurer: Andrea Alexander
Volunteer Coordinator: Wayne Wilson
Property Officer (Kit): Wayne Wilson 
Club Captain: Matt Smart
Vice & Ladies Captain: Saskia Deckers
Statistician: Gary Alcorn 
Website: Adam Harrison
Newsletter Editor: Kim Flesser
Social Secretary: Sam Collins 
Club Coach (inc Junior Coach): Kris Kersley 
Junior Development Officer:Trudi Whelan 
Assistant Junior Coach: Trudi Whelan 

To contact these people use the Contacts Page. Remember all these people are volunteers and have jobs and families so please be patient. 

The "Hamilton” - a new cycle event

“The Hamilton” is an endurance cycle race event – a modern version of 6 day cycle races. This is an idea put forward to the club by Gary Alcorn our Club Statistician. You can send Gary feedback via the Contacts page.
  • Conducted at Nundah criterium circuit on September 4th.
  • Event duration 3 hours.
  • Open to Elite and Masters A male riders.
  • A maximum field of 30 two man teams.
  • Entry $100/ team. Prizemoney 1st , $1,500,  2nd $1,000, 3rd $500 - provisional
The winning team is determined by the one who has recorded the most laps covered in the 3 hours. In the case of a tie, the team with most points gained through the “Prime” periods will be the winner.
The composition of the event is as follows. 
a)The three hours is broken up into 15 minute segments – each alternate 15 minute period will be called a “Prime” period, during which time there will be 3 primes – points will be awarded to the first 3 riders on a 5,3,2 basis. The final Prime carries double points – 10, 6,4. 
b) The 15minute “Prime” period will be signalled by a Whistle – the actual prime lap to be indicated by a 1 lap board. Both team riders to be on the track during the “Prime” period. 
c) The end of the “Prime” period is signalled by a Bell. 
d) The next 15 minutes is “free” - teams may do as they like but one member must be on the track at all times. 
e) Each team carries one electronic “Baton” that is passed between the riders so that it is on the track at all times. Laps are counted electronically.
f) Each rider in the team will have the same number, but a different colour.
In the event of an accident:-
a) If all riders are together in one pack – everyone stops at the next marshal point. 
b) If there is a breakaway happening, all riders stop at the next marshal point they come to.
Advice will be given to the marshals to restart the event.
The overall time clock will continue to run at all times.
In the event of a mechanical:-
a) If both riders in the team are on the track, the other rider must have the “Baton” and continues alone until his partner can get the problem remedied.
b) If only one rider from the team is on the track, he stops at the next marshal point where the marshal will get advice to his partner who will be sent to the marshal point to get the “Baton” and continue while the repairs are made.
Thus, the aim of the event, as it was in the original 6 Day race, is to gain laps on your opponents, and if there are two or more teams with equal laps covered the winners are determined by the points gained.
If the event is successful, we could try it at Chandler through the Summer period. The number of teams/riders would need to be adjusted to suit the capacity of the track.

Gary Wiggins – Sir Bradley Wiggins’s father – and Don Allen in the Ghent Six in the 1980s

Harry Sweeny wins U19 ITT at Oceania Road Champs

Congratulations go to Harry Sweeny who won gold in the U19 ITT in Bendigo recently at the Oceania Road Champs.

Details on the CA website.

Colin Chapman was also due to compete but instead underwent surgery to fix his wrist and is recovering slowly - best wishes for a speedy recovery Colin!

    Result: Junior Men      
Place Number Name UCI Code Time Gap
1. 222 Harrison SWEENY (AUS) AUS19980709 39:47.4  
2. 221 James FOUCHE (NZL) NZL19980328 40:07.5 +20.0
3. 223 Robert STANNARD (NZL) NZL19980916 40:17.7 +30.2
4. 235 Jarrad DRIZNERS (AUS) AUS19990531 40:34.7 +47.2
5. 231 Alastair CHRISTIE-JOHNSTON (AUS) AUS19980329 41:08.6 +1:21.1
6. 225 Sebastian BERWICK (AUS) AUS19991215 41:39.3 +1:51.9
7. 239 Tom GOUGH (AUS) AUS19980303 41:43.2 +1:55.7
8. 226 Liam NOLAN (AUS) AUS19900305 41:55.5 +2:08.0
9. 230 Kees DUYVESTEYN (NZL) NZL19980519 41:56.6 +2:09.1
10. 238 Connor LAMBERT (AUS) AUS19980315 42:07.4 +2:19.9
11. 233 Jordan LOUIS (AUS) AUS19981103 42:09.0 +2:21.6
12. 229 Ben MAVRODIS (AUS) AUS19980123 42:22.6 +2:35.1
13. 240 Joshua BEIKOFF (AUS) AUS19980821 42:40.2 +2:52.7
14. 227 Thomas MCDONALD (AUS) AUS19980205 42:40.3 +2:52.9
15. 224 Kelland O'BRIEN (AUS) AUS19980522 42:50.1 +3:02.6
16. 232 Oliver MURRAY (AUS) AUS19980311 43:10.4 +3:22.9
17. 228 Louis BROWN (NZL) NZL19881013 43:35.8 +3:48.3
18. 241 Thomas HODGE (AUS) AUS19990315 43:38.2 +3:50.7
19. 248 Callum PEARCE (AUS) AUS19980104 44:03.0 +4:15.5
20. 267 Campbell JONES (AUS) AUS19990125 44:29.7 +4:42.2
21. 242 Nicholas SIMPSON (AUS) AUS19980713 44:38.4 +4:51.0
22. 266 Fletcher SYMONDS (AUS) AUS19990530 44:44.4 +4:56.9
23. 263 Connor SENS (AUS) AUS19990727 45:11.8 +5:24.3
24. 257 Alistair BARR (AUS) AUS19900422 45:21.7 +5:34.2
25. 236 Braden O'SHEA (AUS) AUS19990315 45:34.9 +5:47.4
26. 255 Ross GORDON (AUS) AUS19980616 45:35.2 +5:47.7
27. 259 Calan WHITE (AUS) AUS19990402 45:45.7 +5:58.2
28. 262 Liam LAWLOR (AUS) AUS19990110 45:51.6 +6:04.1
29. 268 Ainsleigh GRAY (AUS) AUS19991010 46:24.4 +6:36.9
30. 264 Hamish WEBBER (AUS) AUS19980924 46:50.4 +7:03.0
31. 234 Riley HART (AUS) AUS19990427 47:31.3 +7:43.9
32. 258 Colby JACHMANN (AUS) AUS19990518 47:32.2 +7:44.7
33. 249 Declan PROSSER (AUS) AUS19980208 47:45.5 +7:58.1
34. 260 Darcy WHITTAKER (AUS) AUS19990928 48:26.0 +8:38.5
35. 261 Brandon CONWAY (AUS) AUS19990730 49:02.7 +9:15.2
36. 246 Matias FITZWATER (NZL) NZL19980329 49:30.8 +9:43.3
37. 245 Liam SHERLOCK (NZL) NZL19980810 51:35.0 +11:47.6
38. 250 Tearloch CARR (AUS) AUS19981204 53:07.6 +13:20.1
39. 265 Jai KANAT (AUS) AUS19981211 54:24.1 +14:36.6
40. 237 Oscar ELWORTHY (NZL) NZL19990906 1h04:12.0 +24:24.6
dnf 252 Jake OLIVER (AUS) AUS19980818    
dsq 243 Kallum PARLEVLIET (AUS) AUS19980807    

Phil Kesby wins Wellington to Auckland stage race

Hamilton Wheelers member Phil Kesby recently competed in NZ, in the annual Wellington to Auckland Cycle Race and won the race outright and also winner of his age category.
Stage one included a cat 3 and cat 1 climb and Phil finished 1st, giving him a 2 sec lead and the yellow jersey. He successfully defended the 2 secs and yellow jersey to the end, despite countless attacks and several categorised climbs in the race.
Smallest GC winning margin on record (2 secs)
First Australian to win the race on GC
Phil also finished second on points in the KOM competition.
Here is a link to the results page for the event
The handicapper has duly noted his form!

Trailer Stolen at Lakeside

Last saturday Feb 13th around the time of our race, the trailer shown below containing about $10,000 worth of tools was stolen from the Lakeside grounds. If anyone saw anything suspicious could you please call Adam from Lakeside Management on 0438 124 818

2016 Qld Masters Track Championships

The Masters Track Championship was held last weekend at Chandler in pretty dodgy weather conditions so the program stretched out into sunday. Our club was well represented across the different age divisions.

Full results HERE

Dave Roest - entered every single event and had a huge weekend riding with huge spirit and a big grin. Dave is now the unofficial club track mascot!

David Wadsworth was not far from medalling in all his events as well.

Garry Reddacliff had a big weekend and came away with at least a Silver in the Masters 6 Scratch Race

Andy Patten, Neil Hamey, and late recruit Garry Reddacliff got Bronze in the Team Sprint

Andy Patten won Gold in the M4 Scratch Race, Gold in the IP and Bronze in the 666m TT.

Jeanette Davidson in Womens Masters 1-2 has been focusing solely on track for a while now and won Gold Time Trial and the Sprint set a new State Record in the Flying 200m (12.19sec)!

Pete Gumbley Masters 8 came away with 4 gold medals for Scratch Race, Sprint, IP & TT  and 2 new state records!

New Grading System for 2016 season

At the january club meeting it was decided to make adjustments to the grading categories for club racing starting from the beginning of the 2016 season as a trial. We have introduced a second B grade and moved up the C,D & E grades as follows.
A Grade A Grade
B Grade B1 Grade
C1 Grade B2 Grade
C2 Grade C1 Grade
D Grade C2 Grade
E Grade  D Grade
Juniors A/B/C Juniors A/B/C

Hopefully this better reflects the spread of riders and allows us to even out the numbers in each grade. All riders stay in their existing grades for now, but there may be some regradings done to balance out numbers based on ability, experience and performance. Please bear with us as there is bound to be a bit of confusion about what each grade is called!

A full explanation of the grading system, grading lists for both club members and visiting riders, 6 months points score and full rider history can all be found on the Grading page.

Twilight Series grades remain unchanged. Points system and grading application process also remains unchanged.

(not our new grading system)

2016 Membership Changes

If you haven't already done so, now is the time to renew your club membership and Cycling Australia Licence.

There are a few changes for 2016 including:

Race now replaces the terms Racing and Gold licenses
Ride now replaces the terms Silver & Recreational

Read more ...


Sunday, 20 December 2015.
Free race entries. All place getters get a commemorative ribbon (no cash).
All activities including Start/ Finish in front of Clubhouse. Reverse direction.

7.00 – 7.30 am - D & E Grade. Drop & Run Race. -   25 mins
7.01 – 7.30 am – Combined C Grade. Drop & Run Race. – 25 mins

7.35 – 8.00 am – A, B & C Grade Juniors.

8. 00am -  “Barbecue Bob” at his best. Free sausage sizzle starts for all present. Sausage, bread, sauce.
8.00 am - Chris Marty’s Bluegrass Mullet Gut String Band plays.

8.05 am - "Harrison Handicap" is a one lap pairs handicap. Each pair can be made up of a parent & junior, partners, significant others, bro-mances, BFFs etc. but they must be at least 2 grades apart (e.g. Junior and C2, A & C1, B and D grade). Starting positions will be allocated around the track as in a track 'wheelrace' and all riders start on the gun (ok well...megaphone squark)
Riders must cross the line together with their teammate. Riders without a teammate may rent a junior for a small donation.

8.20 am. SANTA ARRIVES and conducts “Tykes on Bikes” Race for all little kids. Little kids do one lap of inner circuit. Bikes, training wheels, scooters, babies in prams, etc. Parents can run with kids. All kids get a ribbon and present from Santa. Start/finish in front of clubhouse.

8.30 am. Andrea’s Lolly Hunt. A traditional lolly hunt around the clubhouse for all present.

8.35 am. Awards for best decorated bike – kids and adults.
Awards for best Xmas costume – kids and adults.

8.40  - 9.10 am – B Grade Drop & Run Race. – 30 mins.
8.41 – 9.15 am – A Grade Drop & Run Race – 35 mins

Barbecue finishes approx. 15 mins after A Grade race.
NOTE : A “Drop & Run Race” involves dropping bike on far side of track, running to Comms and getting a rubber band and remounting on each lap. Any rider who, in the opinion of Comms,  takes the race too seriously could be asked to do 10 push ups!

Volunteer Policy Change

Volunteer Roster – after a survey of members regarding creating a better outcome for officials at our weekly races the following policy was the popular choice of members and has been adopted:

  • A yearly calendar on display – at races, on the website, members can nominate anytime. 
  • Members nominate to do duty 1 day in the year,  from October 31 - November 1 each year.
  • Computer registration system is set to accept 1 race entry only BEFORE it flags that rider has not nominated for duty. Once flagged the rider cannot race UNTIL they nominate a duty date. Failure to perform duty or provide replacement on nominated day, forfeits the rider to participating until duty is performed.
  • Wednesday arvo Twilight Races and Open Events are handled seperately and are not part of the members Roster.
The calendar can be viewed here on the website via the Calendar link in the menu and you can click HERE to send an email to secretary Wayne Wilson to nominate your session. A calendar will also be on display at each race so riders can nominate their 1 session for the year (more if you wish!!). 

National Masters Road Championships 2015

We had some fantastic results from the National Masters Championship held around Tweed Heads 25-27 September.
In the ITT -
MMAS1 Andrew Keller Silver Luke Cunningham Bronze, Michael Bettany 4th
MMAS4 Andrew Patten Gold 
MMAS5 Darrell HENRY 4th
WMAS1 Nikolina Orlić Bronze
WMAS3 Jessica Toghill Gold 
Road Race
MMAS1 Michael Bettany Gold, Luke Cunningham Silver, Rueben Phillips 4th
MMAS7 Francois Audibert 6th
WMAS3 Jessica Toghill Gold 
MMAS1 Michael Bettany Silver
MMAS7 Francois Audibert Silver
Champion of Champions
MMAS1 Michael Bettany
MMAs4 Andrew Patten
WMAS3 Jessica Toghill

(Photo courtesy of Jemma Brown)

Veloshotz: ITT Presentations &emdash; 15925 124213 2015 National Masters Championships ITT

Veloshotz: ITT Presentations &emdash; 15925 150050 2015 National Masters Championships ITT
(photo Courtesy Veloshotz)
There were many other good rides and club representation from Mel Symon, Corissa Smith, Saskia Deckers, Rene Lubbers, Garry Reddacliff, Neil Hamey, Francois Audibert, Les Preston, Peter Jansen, Wayne Wilson, Attila Kiss, Tremain Permewan, Reuben Phillips, Rupert Leigh, Stephen Lowe, Ashley Yelland.

Full results HERE and photos HERE

Apologies if we've missed anyone, please let us know!

Harry Sweeny selected in U19 team for World Champs

Congratulations to Hamilton Wheelers member Harry Sweeny for his selection in the U19 team for the upcoming World Championships in Richmond, Virginia USA Sept 20-27 September. He will compete in the ITT on the 22nd and Road Race on the 26th.

We are happy to announce our club will be supporting Harry by donating $1000 to help cover his expenses. These funds come from our Junior Development Fund, which includes money raised from fundraisers such as our Cyclocross Catering and the $25 fee all Sponsored Riders pay to the club which goes directly to Junior Development.

Long term Hamilton member Nick Schultz will also be riding in the U23 road race.

More info on the team is on the Cycling Australia site

Here's Harry in his first race with us in C1 Nov 2013 (2nd from left)

Nick Schultz at Nundah just last year :)

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