HPRW member Ruan Benson has recently travelled to Belgium to compete and Ruan's dad Adrian tells us he
has had some excellent results of late. Adrian said:

I thought I'd give you some feedback with Ruan's racing in Europe. He has been over there now since late
June, and has done pretty well in all the races. Yesterday he finished in 12 position after he crashed but was
in the leading  break, 177km race. In all the races he finishes in the pack but his function is a worker. At the
age of 20 he is still the youngster in the team but the Team Manager want to take him to a Top Tour in
Portugal and France in 4 weeks.  So currently he races 4 times a week and did just over 980km for last week.
Nothing in concrete yet, but it sounds like they want to sign him for next year for a complete season.

Ruan raced a big race on Tuesday and managed a 6 place! He also made the team for the Tour de Namur
however after Tuesday will be the "kopman", which is the team leader for the tour! Mate he wants to get
a good result on this tour so hold thumbs. He did not expect to be the team leader, but I guess if
you can climb, you can!!

Ruan Benson racing in Belgium
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