Racing News for the start of 2022

Hamilton Wheelers 2022 race calendar starts this Wednesday (19th Jan). Racing next Saturday will be a criterium at Nundah (22nd Jan)
EntryBoss Update - Our new EntryBoss on-line system for entering races is now live. While there are still some temporary glitches, we are confident the system will serve our needs well.
NB. - If you are already graded with Hamilton Wheelers, yet are asked to enter some race form details when trying to enter, please just insert your grade letter (e.g. A, B, C etc). This minor issue should be fixed in a day or two as soon as our club gradings have been uploaded to EntryBoss. Until then your entry will show as 'provisional'. Once your licence and grading is checked by the club, your entry becomes formal. EntryBoss allows you to to view your entry status and that of other other riders from the race entry page. Don't have an EntryBoss account yet? (dead easy to set up)

Here's the Full details on the Twilight Series