24 Oct 2020 Hamilton Open (& KOM Financial QCRS Round 3) Results

U9 Girls Evie-Rose

U11 Boys 2nd Cooper, 1st Max, 3rd William

U13 Boys 2nd Byron, 1st Bodhi

U15 Boys 2nd Lachlan, 1st Ethan, 3rd Samuel

U17 Boys 2nd Thomas, 1st Jarlath, 3rd Sebastian

Women A 1st Danielle De Francesco, 3rd Anya Louw, 4th Emily Fowler

Womens A QCRS Leader Danielle De Francesco

Womens B 2nd Jessa Francis, 1st Elise Run, 3rd Disa Dyson

QCRS Womens B Leader Dia Dyson

Women C 2nd Tevin Chau, 1st Nicola Day, 3rd Tess Martin-Wallace

QCRS Womens B Leader Nicola Day

Women D 2nd Monique Utley, 1st Aimee Scouppe, 3rd Josie Hooper

QCRS Womens D Leader Aimee Schouppe

Masters A 2nd Kyle Godson, 1st Shannon Duggan, 3rd Peter Oddson

QCRS Masters A Leader

Masters B 2nd Nathan Boschma, 1st Peter Scott, 3rd Adam Clark

QCRS Masters C Leader

Masters C 2nd Steven Brown, 1st Michael Scully, 3rd Michael DeZwart

Masters D 2nd Scott Slade, 1st David Nye, 3rd David Vanderpeet

Elite B 2nd James Hollonds, 1st Tyler Tomkinson, 3rd Justin Palmer

Elite C - 2nd Carlos Trujillo, 1st Travis Mearns, 3rd John Hatfield

QCRS Elite C Leader

Thanks to all our commissaires and volunteers for assisting during the event. We may have missed a few but here are some those who helped out:

Kalvin Bartlett
John Chapman
Timing/Results: Neil Hamey

Club Volunteers:
Bob McIntyre 
John Lamont 
Joe Hughes
Matt Smart
Trish Sutton-Davies
Gary Alcorn
Michael Frost
Phil Jones
nick Rinaudo
Nick James
Jenni Eason
Andrea Alexander
Peter Kelly
Ben Armistead
Thomas Rothlisberger
Carrie Wright
Warren Young
Adam Harrison
Roger Bower