“The Hamilton”   - a new cycling event.             

When:  Saturday 26th, August 2017 9am Start
Where:  Nundah Criterium Circuit
Event type:  Restricted Open
Teams must nominate by Midnight Thursday 24th August 2017 to Wayne Wilson
If more than 20 Teams nominate, preference will be given to Hamilton rider teams and teams that nominate earliest. You will be notified if your Team is not accepted prior to the 26th August.
Nomination Fees are to be paid on the day of the event.

Riders must Register prior to 8am in the Hamilton clubhouse to allow time for a briefing by the Chief Commissaire and have any questions regarding the vent answered.
There will be no other racing conducted on the day of the event except for the James Eckersley Junior event scheduled for earlier in the day.
“The Hamilton” is an endurance cycle race event – a modern version of 6 day cycle races.  
·              Event duration 3 hours.
·              Open to teams of any composition, but teams can only have one A grade rider (meaning they are graded A with HWCC or equivalent). The other riders in the team must come from lower grades (male or female). 
·              A maximum field of 20 three rider teams.
·              Entry $60 a team.
·              Prizemoney - 1st $600, 2nd $300, 3rd $150 Prime Points Winners $150 (Prizemoney contingent on receiving a full field of 20 Team entries).
·              Criterium style bikes only permitted (ie NO TT bikes)

The winning team is determined by the one who has recorded the most laps covered in the 3 hours. In the case of two teams finishing on the same number of laps, the team with most points gained through the “Points” periods will be the winner.

The regulations of the event are as follows......
                  a) The three hours is broken up into 15 minute segments – each alternate 15 minute period will be called a“Points” period. There will be a maximum of 3 Primes in each period – points will be awarded to the first 3 teams on a 5,3,2 basis. The final Prime carries double points – 10, 6,4.
                  b) The 15minute “Points” period will be signalled by a Flashing Orange light at the Finish line – the actual Prime lap to be indicated by a whistle at the finish line and will be at the 5, 10 and 15minute points into the "Points" period.
                  c) A clock indicating the elapsed race time will be displayed at the Finish line.
                  d) Time outside the Points period is “free” - teams may do as they like (eg attempt to get a lap on the field) but one member must be on the track at all times.
                  e) Each team carries one electronic “Baton” that is passed between the riders so that it is on the track at all times. Laps are counted electronically at the Bridge on the straight.
                  f) Each rider in the team will have the same number, but a different colour.
                  g) A "lap"board will also be displayed at the Start/Finish line indicating the laps gained by the leading teams

The Fine print:-
The "Baton"
                  The "Baton" will be a CQ Transponder inserted into an empty water bottle to make it easy to pass between riders. Operation of the transponder might be problematic if it is above seat level as the rider passes the recording sensor at the Bridge in the straight, so it is important that a bottle carrier be available on each bike to carry the baton as low to the ground as possible. It is not recommended to carry the baton in your Jersey pocket.
                  Note also the recording software has a facility to compare each lap time against a predetermined one to ensure that there is no "short laps" taken. This is another reason that the lap sensor will be located at the bridge in the straight.
The Primes.
All Teams will compete for Prime points irrespective if they are one or more laps "up" in the race. In the event that there is a breakaway by one or more Teams as they approach the Prime lap they will have the "jump" for the Prime - just like in a regular Crit event.
The Prime lap sprint will be signalled by a Whistle blast as in a normal Crit.
The Prime sprints will be at the 5, 10 and 15minute times into each alternate 15 minute "Points" period.
All riders will be able to see the "Race time" which will be indicated by an Elapsed time clock at the Start finish line.
In the event that there is an accident or other incident, when a Prime lap is scheduled, that prime will not be conducted.
In the event of an accident:-
a) If all riders are together in one pack – everyone stops at the next marshal point.
b) If there is a breakaway happening, all riders stop at the next marshal point they come to.
Advice will be given to the marshals to restart the event.
The overall time clock will continue to run at all times.
In the event of a mechanical:-
a) If two or more riders in the team are on the track, another rider must take the “Baton” and continue alone or with the third team member until the rider can get the problem remedied.
b) If only one rider from the team is on the track, he stops at the next marshal point where the marshal will get advice to his team who will be sent to the marshal point to get the “Baton” and continue while the repairs are made.