2017 Anzac 25 Results

Mick Wilkinson and Wayne Wilson

Anzac Memorial Ceremony and LastPost before the ANZAC 25 race
 Thanks to our many volunteers for making it a successful day and for all the riders who raced and supported at this event.
John Madigan Chief Commisaire
Roy Jelly Clerks of the Course
Gordon Baudino Clerks of the Course
Gino Cornacchia Chief Judge
Pete McDonald Assistant Judge
Roger Bower Assistant Judge
Saskia Deckers Assistant Judge
Jack Carter Overview
John Chapman Rollout and Pits
Bob McIntyre Marshall
Lindsay Green Marshall
Jim Loyden Marshall
Gillian Morgan Marshall
Doug Michell Marshall
Joe Hughes Marshall
Gary Alcorn Registration
Trish Sutton-Davies Registration
Wayne Wilson Registration,Presentations and Secretary
Peter Allonby Lakeside Licences
Kris Kersley Lakeside Licences
Graham Kemp Lakeside Licences
Adam Harrison Presentations & Media
Matt Smart Presentations
David Cook Results and Runner
Volunteers Catering Jenni Eason
Mike and Robyn A1 First Aid

Our Facebook page had lots of photos and videos from the day

U11 Boys

U11 Girls

U13 Boys

U15 Male

U15 Female

U17 Female

U17 Male

Womens A

Womens B

Womens C

Womens D

Elite A Podium

Elite B

Elite C

Masters A

Masters B

Masters C

Masters D