Track Training is Back!

All Members,
HWCC track training is back on again for 2017, running every third sunday from 2-4pm.  Track racing is a superb way to develop top-end speed, a smooth pedalling technique and bike handling skills. There is no better training for criterium racing than training on the track. Training is short duration, high intensity and no hills!

Dangerous?  Nope, there are fewer crashes on the velodrome that the crit track (someone researched that somewhere). No brakes? No problems, you have your left and right leg, that’s fixed wheel racing. How many times have you been in crit race where the rider in front grabs a handful of brake? Doesn’t happen on the track.
This is close racing at full gas over short distances that will build your cadence and bike handling skills making you are more confident and capable rider. Check out some footage on
When: Every Third Sundays from 2 to 4pm
Where : Chandler Velodrome (outdoor-however with potential to move to the  indoor “boards” soon)
Who: all skill levels will be catered for (novice, intermediate and experienced) and HWCC member or members from other clubs
Cost:  $10 for adults and $5 for kids. 
No bike no worries – One can be arranged for with (with a couple of days prior notice). We have two 24" bikes for small juniors and a few other sizes and other bikes can be hired from CQ. All you need to bring are your pedals,  gloves, helmet.
We are trialling this training program so your support will ensure the continuation of these sessions these for the duration of the season.  The HWCC track sessions will allow the experienced riders to follow their own program or the join in the set program.
Your support will ensure a successful return of our HWCC track training program.
For all participants, we recommend wearing an undershirt.
Hope to see you there Sunday!
If you have any queries please contact Hugh Barbour on ( or 0409 643 040)

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