Sponsored Riders

Sponsored Riders Policy

A note to all sponsored riders who are members of Hamilton Wheelers regarding policy pertaining to this group of riders:
A sponsored rider is one who is part of a team AND who wishes to have their name listed with CQ as a team member AND be eligible to wear a non Hamilton Wheelers jersey at Open Events.
A team can be made up of members from a single club (Hamilton Wheelers) – i.e. Mainline / Coyote/ Ascot Catering or multiple club teams made up of members from a number of clubs – i.e. QSM/Data#3 and the like.
Change to Policy:
  • All sponsored riders who wish to be registered with CQ as part of a team are required to have their registration endorsed by Hamilton Wheelers. (Sponsored rider forms are available on the CQ website).
  • All registration forms coming to Hamilton Wheelers must be accompanied by $25 or an electronic bank transfer can be arranged beforehand
  • This $25 fee replaces the $500 fee previously paid only by single club teams.
  • The funds generated by the $25 fee are directed specifically and solely to junior development at Hamilton Wheelers, as were the previous funds from sponsored single teams.
  • This change in policy aims to provide greater equity across the sponsored riders who are Hamilton Wheelers members.
  • Riders singularly, or as a group, need to complete the CQ Sponsored Rider Form and forward to Secretary or to PO BOX 544 VIRGINIA QLD 4014 with accompanying fee/s.
  • The Secretary will then forward the endorsed form to CQ on your behalf.
Please note:
Riders competing in Open events are required to wear a club jersey or a plain jersey, unless they have approval to wear a sponsored jersey (kit) (CQ rules).
Hamilton Wheelers members who are not in teams and who race in Open events are not affected by this policy change.
Wayne Wilson
(updated Jan 2015)