Club Kit/Uniform Prices

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The KALAS Online shop opens four times a year for two weeks. It is currently CLOSED

All Hamilton Wheelers members are now able to order new HWCC specific club gear including jerseys, bib-knicks, gilets, gloves, socks and other club marked gear. The gear is in the current HWCC design and colours. 

The KALAS gear has SPF Sun rating (which is important in our climate!).

Style Choices

Jerseys come in 3 styles and available in Mens, Womens & Kids fit:
  • Spinn (suitable for club racers)
  • Elite Stripes (better quality)
  • Pro Razor (professional UCI race quality)

Make sure you check descriptions, sizing and price of each piece of gear you select to make sure it suits you.

Bib-knicks come in two styles

  • Power
  • Goffrato+


There are a few points to remember when ordering your gear:-
  • You must use HWCC's password when first logging onto the website - 'hw321'
  • The Hamilton Wheelers' KALAS WEBSHOP provides ordering details for each piece of clothing - however the samples on the webpage are in the generic KALAS colours - but you will receive your gear in HWCC colours and design.
  • The WEBSHOP is divided into gear for Men, Women and Kids.
  • The WEBSHOP is now open and will close for this ordering period on 29th March 2024.
  • When choosing your 'Shipping Information' chose the default address (the Sandgate drop-off address) for free delivery, or you can choose to pay extra for personal delivery to your home (the default Sandgate address might be easier for the club to manage, to quickly get the gear to members). Free delivery orders will be available to be collected at the clubhouse
  • Payment options are via PayPal only. You'll need a PayPal account if you don't have one. A PayPal account is easy to set-up and is generally a safer option than sending credit card details via the internet. Set up a PayPal account if you don't already have one (it's easy) - Click Here
  • When you make a successful order, you'll receive a confirmation email from KALAS.
  • The graphic below may assist if you have any trouble understanding what to do on the KALAS WEBSHOP website.