EntryBoss Entry System Guide

EntryBoss Entry System Guide

Hamilton Wheelers uses the EntryBoss on-line system for riders to enter races. This is consistent
with most other clubs in South-East Queensland and AusCycling Queensland.

Events page

The Hamilton Wheelers events page is located at https://entryboss.cc/calendar/hwcc. From this page, riders are able to see upcoming events that have been set up and view details of previous events they may have entered.

If a rider does not have an EntryBoss account, they can easily set one up at

AusCycling licence numbers

It’s very important for riders to ensure their AusCycling licence number is recorded correctly with EntryBoss. If a rider allows their licence to lapse, AusCycling may issue a different number when they purchase a new licence. Changing a rider’s licence number is easily done by accessing their EntryBoss details in ‘My account’.
This is important is because EntryBoss is linked to the AusCycling membership system (TidyHQ - https://hwcci.tidyhq.com). So if a rider tries to enter a race without a valid licence number, the entry will be ‘red flagged’ to the club’s race officials.

Event closing and scratch times

After selecting a race from the Hamilton Wheelers events page, riders will see event closing times, race times and distances and many other details of the event.
Riders should be aware that with the EntryBoss system they can remove (scratch) their entry nomination from any race after they have entered. To scratch your entry, just go to the EntryBoss event page and click on the 'Scratch' button in the red box.

‘Scratch’ time limits -

  • For weekend races - up to 5am on race day
  • For Wednesday Twilight Series races - up to 3pm on race day
  • Handicap road races - up to 7pm on the evening before race day.

Entry fees will be automatically refunded to the riders' EntryBoss registered credit card.
Please note that if any Hamilton Wheelers race is cancelled for any reason, all entry fees will be refunded.

All race entries are initially ‘provisional’

When riders enter a race their entry is only provisional. This allows club officials to check club membership, AusCycling licence and the rider’s HWCC club grading. It’s important that riders view the events page closer to the event to check which grade they have been entered into. Click on ‘Startlist’ to confirm your race grade.
Please be aware that the club’s grading system is also integrated with EntryBoss, so riders will automatically move to the startlist if they have entered in the correct grade. The only exception to this is detailed below under ‘Entering your grade’.

Entering your grade

Riders will notice that when entering using EntryBoss, it’s possible to nominate in a grade other than their current HWCC grading which appears as the default position. An 'exclamation' warning is placed against grades that are not normally available to them. At rare times there may be a reason that a rider wishes to enter in a higher or lower graded race.

When selecting a different grade, it will be necessary to fill out the rider’s reasons in the accompanying dialog box. For example, reasons to race in a lower grade may include coming back from injury, or being off the bike for a long time. Riders must provide evidence that they will be competitive in a higher grade. Reasons for opting to race in a higher grade may include a rider’s need to temporarily ‘push themselves’ for an upcoming State/National event. It is unlikely inexperienced riders will be permitted to race in a higher grade.

Any exemptions from racing in your current HWCC grade will be evaluated on a case by case basis. There is absolutely no guarantee that a request will be approved by the club handicappers. If a rider makes a request to race in a different grade, they must make sure they check the EntryBoss event start-list page closer to the race, to see which grade they will be starting in. Hamilton Wheelers has a comprehensive grading system based on riders' performance. All new riders must fill out and submit a grading application form (bottom of this webpage). Riders generally will only be allowed to enter a race based on the grading that has been allocated to them.

Permanent changes to riders’ gradings will rely on the current race points system, discretion of the club’s handicapper or via a rider's grading (or re-grading) application.