2020 Cunningham Classic Report

From Club Captain Mick Cole:

Shout out to the 54 Hamilton Wheelers  members who started the Cunningham Classic yesterday; Round 2 of the Queensland Classic Road Series. More than 390 riders from around the state tackled the course from Gatton to Warwick, with warm conditions making for some very interesting racing. Amongst our members, there were a few standout performances, with 7 riders finishing in the Top 10 for their category:
Hannes Venter (MMA, 7th)
Peter Oddsson (MMB, 1st)
Robert Cordle (MMB, 2nd)
Michael DeZwart (MMC2, 2nd)
Rodney Tanner (MMC2, 4th), KOM and Most Impressive!!
Darren Grant (MMC2, 10th)
Wayne Wilson (MMD, 5th)
Thanks to Kangaroo Point Cycling Club, Cycling Queensland and all the volunteers for making this event such a success and thanks also to Glenn McIntosh, Adam Baker and Belbaker Bus Charter for organising and providing the incredible bus service between Nundah, Gatton, and Warwick.

We are hosting Round 3 of the QCRS, which is to be held on October 24th at Lakeside Raceway. Full details are available here https://cycling.org.au/qld/kom-financial-advice-qcrs-round-3-hamilton-wheelers-open
Mick Cole
HWCC Club Captain