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Sunday 2nd April 2017 Nundah Results

Members Only Racing

Thanks to our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire: Gordon Baudino
Assistant Commissaires:Rene Lubbers, John Chapman
Marshalls: Jack Morton, Michael Nelson (for George)
Signon: Olivia Nendick, Mitch Neumann
Finish: Patsy Dutton (for Matt Roberts)

Juniors C Grade

Juniors C

Juniors B Grade

Womens C Grade

Womens D Grade

D Grade

C2 Grade

C1 Grade

B1 Grade

B2 Grade

A Grade

Womens C Sprint

Juniors B

B1 breakaway Dave Wadsworth

26th March 2017 Pinkenba ITT Results

There was an error with some start times and calculations which has been corrected. Unfortunately this affects the top 4 positions in 3 grades.
In A Grade Andy Patten and Dan Wilson tied for 3rd place, moving Henry Leef down to 8th.
In B1 1st and 2nd have been reversed, Mark Croonen 1st, Robert West 2nd
In B2 2nd and 3rd have been reversed, Phil Allen 2nd, Nicholas Free 3rd

We had a good turnout of 94 riders for the first road event of the season at Pinkenba. Thanks to our volunteers for helping out:
Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Assistant Commissaire:Gordon Baudino
Marshalls:Rick Brownhill (for Richard), Jason Barrett (For Shane Hiscock)
Lead Vehicle:Murray McClymont
Follow Vehicle:Greg Reed
Signon/Finish:Garry Lee, Geoff Prendergast, Adam Harrison

18th March 2017 'Battle of the Arses' Results

Congratulations to University of Queensland Cycling Club who were once again too strong for Hamilton Wheelers in the 2017 'Battle of the Arses'. We had some great rides in the men's races but a total sweep of all the Women's points really brought it home for Uni, so well done!

University of Qld    340
Hamilton Wheelers 180

Thanks to all those who helped out, included 'Mowen' and 'Willow' the main organisers, and those from both clubs who pitched in with commissairing, registration, BBQ, Cafe etc. to make it such a friendly event. 

Commissaires: Martin Rankine (Uni) , Pete McDonald (Hamilton)
Rego (Hamilton):Peter Alexander, Chris Marty, Anthony Pettit, Gary Alcorn
Marshalls/BBQ/Finish(Uni): Jack Pianta, Fabiana Pellin, Dave Anderson, Mark Bryant
First Aid:Andrew Banner (Uni)

Uni Prez Michael Owen with the coveted Trophy!

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11th March 2017 Nundah Results

Thanks to our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire: Pete McDonald
Assistant Commissaire: Darryl Baker
Signon/Marshalls/Finishline: Tim Buckley, Sharon Bolter, Andrew James, Callum O'Sullivan, Peter Allonby, Gary Alcorn

A Grade

B1 Grade

B2 Grade

C1 Grade

C2 Grade

D Grade

Juniors C


5th Mar 2017 Nundah Results

Thanks to all our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire: Peter McDonald
Assistant Commissaire: Darryl Baker
Signon/Marshalls/Finish:Thomas Rothlisberger,Matt Millwater,James Jackson, Jack Landsberg, Attila Kiss, John Chapman

Womens C & D Grade Winners. L-R Catherine Scott (2nd C Grade), Nicole Lutze (1st D Grade), Darthea Clydsdale (3rd C Grade), Jenni Eason (2nd D Grade). Megan Hall (1st C Grade not pictured as she was racing again!)

Mens D Grade L-R Bob McIntyre, Matt Munro, Roger Bower

C2 Grade Juniors Clean Sweep L-R Josh Wereszczuk, Gianni Palomba, Ciaran Casey

C1 Grade Finish

C1 Grade L-R Eva Bury Second Lady, Matt Mihatov (Prime) Mark Whitelaw, Scott Slade, Megan Hall, Jack Davidson

B1 Sprint Finish

B1 Grade L-R Dave Shelberg (Prime) Scott Duncan, Tim McDonnell, Cameron Layton, Brett Shipp (4th)

B2 Grade L-R Saskia Deckers (1st Unplaced Lady), Luke Strudwick (Prime), Michael Jones, Mark Colegate, Peter Kelly, Adam Pelzer (4th)

A Grade Sprint

A Grade L-R Ollie Smith (prime), Darcy Roselund, Brad Soden, Michael Bettany, Ryan Morgan (Prime)

25th Feb 2017 Nundah Results

Thanks to our volunteers
Chief Commissaire:Peter McDonald
Marshalls/Rego/Finishline: Alan Jones, Chris Fraser, Tony Goostrey, Pete Gumbley, Michael Scully
FirstAid:A1 First Aid

B1 Grade breakaway winners

B1 Grade Breakway winners Ben Walding and Brett O'Dougherty

B2 Podium L-R Lachlan Sinclair, Bree Playel, John Fenton, Richard Holloway, Andrew James, Jack Landsberg

C2 Grade Podium L-R Will Karey, Tim Munro, Louisa Goddard, Emma Hayward

D Grade Podium L-R Ashton Smith, Anthony Pettit, Matt Munro, Phil Gibson

2017 Elite and Masters State Track Championships

Elite Track Championship Results
Well done to Elliot Schultz for winning Gold in both the JM19 Individual Pursuit and the Points Race.

Masters Track Championship Results
Peter Jansen Gold MMAS8 TT
Gold MMAS8+ Sprint
Gold MMAS8 Individual Pursuit
Gold MMAS8+ Scratch Race
Andrew Patten Gold MMAS4-5 Points Race
Gold MMAS4 Individual Pursuit (New State Record)
Gold MMAS4 Scratch Race
Gary Raddacliff Bronze MMAS6+ Points Race
Bronze MMAS6 Srint
Gold MMAS6 Scratch Race
Neil Hamey Gold MMAS2 TT
Bronze MMAS2 Sprint

19th Feb 2017 Reverse Lakeside Results

All races were reverse direction with a Hilltop finish. The A grade race was a points race with points for first and second over the line every lap and 5,4,3,2 & 1 points for the first five finishers on the final lap.

Thanks to all our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire: Peter McDonald
Other Volunteers:Peter Kelly, Phil Gibson, Mike Nelson, David Roest, Sam Webster, Brad Dutton, Jenni Eason
First Aid:M. Branningan A1 First Aid

A Grade Points Race

B1 Grade

B2 Grade

C1 Grade

C2 Grade

D Grade - Bob McIntyre - Legend!

A Grade Points Race Summary
1 MURRAY, Matthew 
3 MANSON, Michael 

2 SNELL, Bruce 
4 GLEESON, Mark 
5 HAWKINS, Jack 
6 OWEN, Michael 2nd laps 1,5,12. First on final lap. 4th Overall
7 WILLIAMS, Christopher 2nd lap 11. 1 point
8 PATTEN, Andrew 
9 JONES, Alan 2nd lap 2, 1st lap 19. 3 points
10 RYAN, Matthew 1st lap 3, 2nd lap 7. 3 points
11 COATES, Thomas 1st Laps 1,4, 13, 2nd 15,17,18. 9 points. Third Overall
12 TAYLOR, Jay 
13 BETTANY, Michael 2nd lap 14, 2nd on Final lap. 5 points. 5th Overall
14 MEAD, Barrie 
15 ANDERSCH, Jason 
16 BICKEL, Matthew 2nd lap 19. 1 point
17 MILLIGAN, Hadleigh 1st Laps 1,5,7,12,15. Fifth on final lap. 11 points 2nd Overall
18 BRENT, Kurtis 2nd lap 13. 1 point
19 BOX, Drew 
20 RICHARDSON, Mark 1st lap 14. 2 points
21 KILKENNY, Declan 2nd lap 4. 1 point
22 ZAHRA, Anthony 
23 ROBERTS, Matthew 2nd lap 10. 1 point
24 WHITE, Adam 2nd laps 6,8,9. 3 points
25 IRVINE, Scott 
26 HAMBLETT, Brad 
27 MANSON, Ben 2nd lap 16, 1st lap 17,18. 5 points
28 SIBRAA, Anthony 
29 WHITE, Nathan 
30 COOK, Ben 2nd lap 3, 1st laps 6,8,9,10,11,16. 13 points 1st overall
31 JACKSON, James 
32 NEUMANN, Max 
33 MCCLYMONT, Murray 
34 NEUMANN, Mitch


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