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17th June 2017 Nundah Results

Thanks to all our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire:Rene Lubbers
Marshalls:Daniel Mulcahy, Darren Potts
Signon:Shannon Proffit, Warren Jones
Finish:Les Preston

A Grade Podium

Sorry no other pics this week!

Bill Osbourne Memorial Handicap 10th June 2017 Results

Thanks to all our volunteers on the day:
Chief Commissaire:Rene Lubbers
Signon/Finish:Steve Schoemaker, Martina Sheehan (for Phil Kesby), Clinton Fraser, Laurie Kelly, Cameron Bailey, Trudi Whelan, Thomas Dillon
First Aid: A1 First Aid

Division 1
1st David Wadsworth (Hamilton)
2nd Connor Sherlock (Balmoral)
3rd Liam McCarthy (Kangaroo Pt)
4th Mick Manson (Hamilton)
Fastest Lady Bree Playel (Uni)
Fastest Time Connor Sherlock (Provisional - to be confirmed)

Division 2
1st Andrea Alexander (Hamilton)
2nd Phil Gibson (Hamilton)
3rd Suz Davis (Hamilton)

June 3rd 2017 Nundah Results

Thanks to our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire:John Madigan
Assistant Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Signon:Shaun O'Brien, Rik Taylor, Gary Alcorn
Marshalls: Mark Hayes, Michael Upton

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Womens Only Racing!

Junior B Ashton and Marly

Junior C Luke

Womens C L-R Amanda Roosmalen, Bridget Mallory, Catherine Scott, Sue Dingas

Womens D L-R Bronwyn May, Lyn Bridge, Ali Thomas, Sam Cary

D Grade L-R Roger Bower, Pete McDonald, Phil Gibson, Laurie Kelly

C1 Grade L-R Gary Ernst, Aaron Fisher, Mark Camilleri

B2 Grade L-R Daniel van Driel, Callum Dolby, Romain Lovisco, Mick Cole

B2 L-R Hugo Greenhill, James Ralph, Paul Robertson, Dave Wadsworth

A Grade L-R Mitch Neumann, Mick Bettany, Sam Volkers, Jordon Ross, Nick Miller


2017 Club Criterium Championship Results


Elite Men



Masters Men 1



Masters Men 2



Masters Men 3







Masters Men 4

Masters Men 5


Masters Men 6


Masters Men 7



Masters Men 8


Masters Men 9


Masters Men 10


Elite Women

No starters


Women Masters 1

No starters


Women Masters 2


Women Masters 3

No starters


Women Masters 4


Women Masters 5


Men U23


Men U17






Jun U15 Men



Jun U13 Men



Jun U11 Men





Jun U11 Women






John Madigan

Renee Lubbers

Pete McDonald

Gordon Baudino


David Buchanan

Duane Ballin

Justin Podlich

Steve Alexander

James Alexander

Matthew Smart

Gary Alcorn



Elimbah Handicap Road Race 13th May 2017 Results

The conditions were not great, so we only had 81 out of 114 riders turn up. Congrats to our winners and many thanks to our hard working volunteers for doing such a good job in miserable conditions.

Chief Commissaire: John Madigan
Assistant Commissaire: Darryl Baker
Race Secretary/MC: Wayne Wilson
Signon/Finish/Marshalls/Lead and Follow Vehicles: Trish Sutton Davies, Martin Leech, Rob Oshlack,  Neysa Ellison, Helen Young, Anthony Zahra

Division 2 1 laps 32km

No Ridername Place From Go From Scratch Finish Time Ride Time Club
11 Annie Benham 1st 0:17:00 0:08:00 1:17:30 1:00:30 Kangaroo Point Cycling Club
10 Marion Kahler 2nd 0:16:00 0:09:00 1:17:35 1:01:35 Sunshine Coast Cycling Club
5 Laura Diaz Abellan 3rd 0:10:00 0:15:00 1:20:00 1:10:00 Moreton Bay Cycling Club
4 Vince Amos 4th (First Unplace Male!) 0:05:00 0:20:00 1:20:20 1:15:20 Hamilton Wheelers
7 Suz Davis 5th 0:13:00 0:12:00 1:24:15 1:11:15 Hamilton Wheelers
2 Bob mcintyre 7th 0:00:00 0:25:00 1:31:26 1:31:26 Hamilton Wheelers
6 Phillip Gibson 8th 0:12:00 0:13:00 1:32:17 1:20:17 Hamilton Wheelers
1 Mick Wilkinson DNS 0:00:00 0:25:00     Hamilton Wheelers
3 Roger Bower DNS 0:05:00 0:20:00     Hamilton Wheelers
8 Teagan Russell DNS 0:13:00 0:12:00     Sunshine Coast Cycling Club
9 April Lea DNS 0:14:00 0:11:00     Brisbane Cycling Club
12 Lucretia battle DNS 0:22:00 0:03:00     Logan City Cycling Club
13 Anthony Pettit Fastest Time 0:25:00 0:00:00 1:25:18 1:00:18 Hamilton Wheelers

L-R Laura Diaz, Annie Benham, Marion Kahler, Vince Amos, Anthony Pettit

Division 1 2 laps 64km
No Ridername Place From GO From SCRATCH Finish Time Ride Time Club
49 Jason McNulty 1st 0:16:00 0:08:00 1:54:25 1:38:25 Moreton Bay Cycling Club
42 David Green 2nd 0:15:30 0:08:30 1:54:33 1:39:03 Wynnum Redlands
36 Michael DeZwart 3rd 0:15:30 0:08:30 1:54:33 1:39:03 Hamilton Wheelers
28 Dave Roberts 4th 0:14:30 0:09:30 1:54:33 1:40:03 Kangaroo Point Cycling Club
98 Kaden Groves Fastest Time 1:34:34 0:24:00 0:00:00 1:58:04 1:34:04 Sunshine Coast Cycling Club
32 Dyane Hannan First Lady 0:15:00 0:09:00 1:54:37 1:39:37 University of Qld Cycling Club

L-R Kaden, Dyane, Dave Robers, Mike DeZwart, David Green, Jason McNulty

Lakeside 7th May 2017 Results

Riders in wrong grade
When we aren't able to use our computer registration system we rely on the honesty of riders to sign on only in their allocated Hamilton grade. Please don't abuse this trust! Volunteers can guide you and printed grading lists are available to check. 

2017 Soldier's Honour Handicap Results

This special race has been held each year for over 80 years, and commemorates the soldiers who served in war time, many from Hamilton Wheelers. A minute silence was held before the start of the race. We had a good size field of 80 riders this year.

First and third place came from the 12 minute (ahead of scratch) group, with returning member Scott Ferdinands getting the win in his first race back in a long time. Scott outsprinted Kim Flesser who started on go with the ever-young Ron Young. Despite losing several minutes to Ron last year, Fless managed to drop his 82 year old companion this time! There was a few seconds gap back to third place Michael Crowe also from the 12 minute group, then a big pack of 25 riders from various groups crossed the line 14 seconds behind.

Fastest time of 1:04:54 was awarded to Anthony Sibraa from the fast chopping block group, who managed to keep their initial 4 minute gap over the scratchies, but this was later realised to be an error.

Fastest time went to Shane Crawford 1:04:54 - sorry about the mix up Shane!

Fastest Lady of the day went to Shannon Proffit in a very impressive 1:05:30.

First Lady across the line was Britt Dutton in the main pack in 16th place (1:05:54).

2017 Soldiers Honour Handicap from Adam on Vimeo.

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Sunday 2nd April 2017 Nundah Results

Members Only Racing

Thanks to our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire: Gordon Baudino
Assistant Commissaires:Rene Lubbers, John Chapman
Marshalls: Jack Morton, Michael Nelson (for George)
Signon: Olivia Nendick, Mitch Neumann
Finish: Patsy Dutton (for Matt Roberts)

Juniors C Grade

Juniors C

Juniors B Grade

Womens C Grade

Womens D Grade

D Grade

C2 Grade

C1 Grade

B1 Grade

B2 Grade

A Grade

Womens C Sprint

Juniors B

B1 breakaway Dave Wadsworth

26th March 2017 Pinkenba ITT Results

There was an error with some start times and calculations which has been corrected. Unfortunately this affects the top 4 positions in 3 grades.
In A Grade Andy Patten and Dan Wilson tied for 3rd place, moving Henry Leef down to 8th.
In B1 1st and 2nd have been reversed, Mark Croonen 1st, Robert West 2nd
In B2 2nd and 3rd have been reversed, Phil Allen 2nd, Nicholas Free 3rd

We had a good turnout of 94 riders for the first road event of the season at Pinkenba. Thanks to our volunteers for helping out:
Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Assistant Commissaire:Gordon Baudino
Marshalls:Rick Brownhill (for Richard), Jason Barrett (For Shane Hiscock)
Lead Vehicle:Murray McClymont
Follow Vehicle:Greg Reed
Signon/Finish:Garry Lee, Geoff Prendergast, Adam Harrison