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Time Trials, Road Races, Handicaps, Criteriums, Circuit Races and Hill Climbs!
Track Racing and Training
A great Junior Racing and Development Program
Womens Only Events plus our Annual Nicol Jackson Womens Series
Wide range of racing - from closed circuits like Lakeside and Nundah to Road races, handicaps and Time Trials, Hillclimbs and Track racing.


14th April 2018 Lakeside Results

Thanks to all our Volunteers!

Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Signon/Marshalls/Finish: Phil Gibson, Mark Gleeson, Scott Barr, Klaus Auckenthaler, Sharon Bolter, Gary Alcorn

A Grade L-R Jordan Ross (1st and Prime) Tom Coates 4th, Murray McClymont 3rd, Mark Render 2nd

B1 L-R Nathan Bocshma 4th, Brett Lutze 2nd, Jacob Walding 1st, Dan Logan 3rd, Rachael Effeney First Unplaced Lady, Nathan Hibbot Prime 

B2 Grade L-R Jelmer Slob 1st, Matt Mihatov 2nd, Daniel Mulcahy 3rd, Sam Reed 4th

C1 Grade L-R Elise Run & Heather Wilson tied for First Unplaced Lady, Ryan Elliot 5th (4th was unclaimed), John Chapman 3rd, Gabe Petrie 2nd (Matt Busuttil 1st and prime missing)

C2 Grade L-R Stephanie Leech 2nd, Andrea Alexander 3rd, Chris Delabbio 1st

25th March 2018 Pinkeba ITT Results

Thanks to all of the 80 riders who came out for a time trial this morning to mark the start of the winter season, proving it's not all about crits!

Thanks to all our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire: Neil Hamey
Rego/Timing:Adam Harrison, Matt Munro, Jonathan Munro, Jo Sinclair, Gary Alcorn, Joe Hughes
Marshalls/Vehicles: Stuart Morrison, Steve Munro

A Grade Jim Murphy Peter Gwynne, Damien Stacy, Nino Calabro

B1 Grade  Jason Churchward Robert Cordle Craig Kg King, Cameron Bailey

B2 Grade Daniel Mulcahy Phil Allen (Gary standing in for Rod Caldwell!) Gary Madigan

C1 Grade Sue Dingas (the others had to leave early)

C2 Grade Ron Young Kassi Cartia, Sarah Leuenberger, Sue Jones


17th March 2018 Nundah Results

Thanks to all volunteers and to Jason Churchward and Gary Alcorn for the podium photos:

Chief Commissaire:Rene Lubbers

Assistant Commissaire: Darryl Baker

Registration:Daniel Gibson, Gary Alcorn

Marshalls: Rob Dixon, Ted Beak

Canteen:Jenni Eason

A Grade
  1  and Prime 1           MCCLYMONT, Murray
  2                        MCCARTHY, Liam
  3                        PATTEN, Andrew
  4                        SIBRAA, Anthony
  5                        SINCLAIR, Lachlan
Giant Ashgrove B1 Grade
  1                        ERNST, Gary
  2                        SKJELBRED, Oystein
  3                        HEAPS, Dale
  4                        CARR, John
  Prime 1                  WILLIAMS, Peter
  First Unplaced Lady      GOODYEAR, Faye

B2 Grade
  1                        KING, Shayne
  2                        HALL, Jared
  3                        SMITH, Chris
  4                        CLARK, Adam
  Prime 1                  HAMEY, Neil
  First Unplaced Lady      PLAYEL, Bree

C1 Grade
  1                        WRIGHT, William
  2                        CHAPMAN, John
  3                        PETRIE, Gabe
  4                        JONES, Warren
  First Unplaced Lady      DILLON, Maddison
  Prime 1                  HESS, Danny
C2 Grade
  1                        CASEY, Ciaran
  2                        WIGHT, Jordan
  3                        KAREY, William
Giant Ashgrove Juniors 
  1                        CAMILLERI, Eva
  2                        SMITH, Indiana
Giant Ashgrove Womens C
  1                        RUN, Elise
  2                        CHESSWAS, Helen
  3                        SCOTT, Catherine
Giant Ashgrove Womens D
  1                        LINDSEY, Susanne
  2                        MACKAY, Nicole
  3                        DAVIS, Suzette