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2017 Nicol Jackson Women's Series Results

Thanks to all riders who came out and supported our Women's Series this year in honour of Nicol Jackson. Neil Jackson and two of his lovely daughters Emily and Claire came out to hand out some prizes. We collected quite a few donations towards our Motor Neurone Disease fund over the weekend. If you would like to make a donation please click this link for all the details.

Motor Neurone Disease Donation Page

Also thanks to all out volunteers for donating their time over the weekend.

D Grade Lakeside Kermisse Stage 1 Podium L-R Elise Run 3rd, Ceran Nilsen 1st, Lucretia Battle 3rd

D Grade Stage 2 ITT Podium L-R Lucretia Battle, Ceran Nilson, Tina Orley

D Grade Stage 3 Criterum Winners L-R Ceran Nilsen 2nd, Alicia Taylor 1st & Prime, Elise Run 3rd

D Grade Overall Winner Ceran Nilsen

C Grade Stage 1 Lakeside Kermesse Podium L-R Cherie Mable 3rd, Annie McDonagh 1st, Hannah Richardson 2nd

C Grade ITT Stage 2 Podium L-R Hannah Richardson, Hannah Hogan, Cherie Mable

C Grade Criterium Stage 3 Podium L-R Annie McDonaugh, Hannah Hogan, Hannah Richardson

B Grade Stage 1 Kermesse Lakeside Winners L-R Selina Green, Maddison Taylor, Saskia Deckers

B Grade Stage 3 Criterium Winners L-R Leah Roberts 2nd, Maddison Taylor 1st, Selina Green 3rd

10th Sep 2017 Mt Mee Hillclimb Results

Thanks to our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire - John Madigan
Rego/Timing - Andrew Peacock, Mark Whitelaw (for Mick Cole), Stephen Knights, Adam Harrison

A Grade

B1 Grade

B2 Grade

C1 Grade

C2 Grade

Special mention to Ted Alexander who rode up. Great stuff Ted!

3rd Sept 2017 Nundah Results

Many thanks to our volunteers:

Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Signon:Sam Liddell, Doug Michell, Gary Alcorn
Marshalls: Marshall (of course!) Cusworth, David Buchanan
Start/Finish:Ben Squiers
First Aid: A1 First Aid

Junior C Grade

Womens C

Womens A/B

D Grade

B2 Grade

A Grade

26th Aug 2017 'The Hamilton' 3 hour race results

Many thanks to Gary Alcorn for putting his ideas into practice and organising this event.

Also a big thanks to Neil Hamey for organising and running the timing equipment.

And also all our other volunteers for helping out for such a long time.

Chief Commissaire:Rene Lubbers
Electronic Timing: Neil Hamey
Race Coordinator and Sprints: Gary Alcorn
Signon/Marshalls/Finishline:Graham Clelland, Craig Alers,Stuart Arnolda, Adam McCormick, Wayne Wilson
FirstAid: Frank Stevens A1 FirstAid

Although we only had 11 teams, the races was hard, entertaining and quite tactical.

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26th Aug 2017 James Eckersley Junior Classic Results

Thanks to James for his support of juniors, and to visiting riders who came out to race.

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2017 Road Race Club Championship Elimbah Results

Elite Men 1 Anthony Sibraa
  2 Luke Hamilton
    Jack Landsberg  dnf
Elite Women 1 Shannon Proffit
U19 Men 1 Lochie Sinclair
U17 Men 1 Chris Delabbio
U17 Women 1 Maddy Dillon
Mas 1 Men 1 James Alexander
  2 Gary Ernst
Mas 2 Men 1 Richard Brownhill
  2 Shayne King
  3 Michael Cole
  4 Mark Creaby
Mas 3 Men 1 Mick Manson
  2 Dave Wadsworth
  3 Anthony Zahra
  4 Alan Jones
  5 Warren Forbes
  6 James Jackson
Mas 4 Men 1 Andy Patten
  2 Mark Croonen
  3 Cameron Bailey
  4 Duane Ballin
  5 Gerry Forde
  6 Adam Harrison
  7 Nigel Hardie
Mas 5 Men 1 Jim Murphy
  2 Adam Robinson
  3 Paul Willett
  4 Norm Sinclair
  5 Steve Munro
  6 Matt Smart
  7 Chris marty
  8 Andrew Charles
    Scott Meredith dnf
Mas 6 Men 1 John Chapman
  2 Phil Jones
Mas 6  Women 1 Andrea Alexander
Mas 7 Women 1 Marshall Cusworth
  2 Nick Wright
  3 Bill Tape
  4 Wayne Wilson
  5 Rene Lubbers
Mas 8  Men 1 Hugh Fyson
Mas 9  Men 1 Les Preston
  2 Phil Gibson
Mas 10 Men 1 Ron Young
  2 Vince Amos

29th July 2017 HWCC-UQCC-SCCC Interclub Round 2 Lakeside Results

A cold morning greeted riders in round 2 of our interclub series with the Uni and Sunshine Coast Clubs at Lakeside on Saturday morning. Well done to all HWCC competitors.

C and D Grade Women - Great win by Maddie Dillon in the C grade and good work by our D grade riders. Points - D grade Women - Sunshine Coast - 5 points, HWCC - 4 points. C grade Women - HWCC 5 points, UQ 4 points.

D Grade Men - Well done to our 3 riders, Les Preston, Anthony Petit and Hugh Preston. Full points to them to help the HWCC score (we needed it!). Points - HWCC 12 points.

C Grade Men - Great break-away by our Mick Cole and Shayne King. They collected full points for the prime and the finish. Unfortunately our dedicated sprinters were done-over by the Uni and Sunshine Coast guys for the minors. Points - HWCC - 12 points, Sunshine Coast - 3 points, Uni 3 points.

B Grade Men - Nice work by Lachie Sinclair to get in a break with 4 other riders. In the end he managed to hold on to 5 place to pick up a point for us. Points - UQ - 14 points, Sunshine Coast - 3 points, HWCC - 1 point.

A Grade Men - There was good sized field in A grade with very strong riders from each club. Sunshine Coast provided Kaden Groves, who rode a fantastic solo effort for the win. Well done to Murray McClymont for his 5th place and a point for the club.Points - Sunshine Coast - 10 points, UQ - 7 points, HWCC 1 point.

Special mention to Kaden Groves who went solo early on in the A grade race and powered away for a great solo win!

So points for Saturday's racing were -

Aggregate points after round 2 are -

We will need a strong finish in round 3 to catch up to the Uni Club. Sunshine Coast will also be in full force on their home territory for the final race.

For details and to nominate for Round 3 to be held at Landsborough on Sunday 27th August - CLICK HERE.

Kim Flesser (Fless ) - HWCC Club Captain

2017 Frank Papp Memorial Handicap Results

Thanks for coming out to remember Frankie! A huge thank you to all our volunteers for giving up their whole day so we can race!

Here is a Strava Flyby of some of the riders in the race and there are a lot of great photos shared in our Facebook Group.

Div 2
1. Helen Chesswas (BCC) [Fastest time 1:29:38]
2. Ron Young (Hamilton)
3. Chris Delabbio (Hamilton)
4. Stuart Morrison (Hamilton)

Div 1
1. Benjamin Pegard (Balmoral)
2. Matthew Clark (SCCC)
3. David Green (WRCC)
Fastest time Richard Brownhill (Hamilton) 2:15:50

HWCC Winter Pointscore - Leaders at June 24th 2017

                78           Mitch Neumann
                58           Daniel Van Driel
                49           David Wadsworth
                48           Andy Patten
                46           Cameron Bailey
                44           Michael Cole
                44           Romain Lovisco
                43           Mark Croonen
                42           Dan Wilson
                40           Michael Bettany

Throughout the season points are allocated for results in most events and a Perpetual Aggregate trophy awarded at the end of the season to the rider with the highest points aggregate. As well as getting points for placing in events, points are awarded for starting and finishing, fastest times, first unplaced lady etc. The points are weighted to give more incentive to the higher grades to compensate for competition from visiting riders. It is thus a trophy that rewards results and consistency. The points system used for awarding the Perpetual Aggregate Trophy is shown below.

Note that the Winter Points score for the Perpetual Aggregate Trophy is different to the 6 monthly points used for grading.

Full Information on our Winter Season is HERE

Hamilton/Uni/Sunny Coast Interclub Round 1 Results

HWCC/Uni/Sunshine Coast Interclub Series Report
Round 1 - Nundah Saturday 8th July
Well done to all our HWCC riders who competed against the Uni and Sunshine Coast clubs on Saturday. Our Team Captains idea worked well, with all our teams being well disciplined with team tactics that worked generally pretty good.

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1st July 2017 Nundah Results

Thanks to our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Assistant Commissaire:Darryl Baker
Signon/Marshalls:Jason Churchward, Marc Eden, Reuben Phillips, Lindy-Jo Free (for Nick), Gary Alcorn
First Aid:A1 First Aid

Junior B Marly (Handicap)

Junior C Rebecca (Handicap)

Womens C L-R Cherie Hodgson, Amanda Roosmalen, Hannah Richardson

Womens D - Stephanie Leech, Ali Thomas, Karyn Dawson, Andrea Alexander

D Grade Michael Wilkinson, Phil Gibson, Peter McDonald

C2 Liz Nelson, Noah Rosemann,  Mark Hayes

C1 Kim L-R Kim Flesser, Emerson Saxil, Gary Ernst, Scott Slade, Rik Taylor

B2 L-R Megan Hall, Adam Williams, Romain Lovisco, Mark Whitelaw, Anthony Hartley

B1 L-R Blake Frost, Jack Landsberg, Mark Croonen, Daniel Van Driel, Peter Williams

A L-R Andy Patten, Richard Brownhill, Jason Ford, Ismail Saeed


24th June 2017 Elimbah Road Race Results

Thanks to all our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire: Pete McDonald
Assistant Commissaire:Darryl Baker
Signon/Marshalls/Vehicles/Finish:Nick James, Gary Ernst, Nou Vongsali, David Hilder (social member) Gary Reddacliff, Ian Johnston

A Grade Mitch

B1 Grade

B2 Grade

C1 Grade

C2 Grade

D Grade

17th June 2017 Nundah Results

Thanks to all our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire:Rene Lubbers
Marshalls:Daniel Mulcahy, Darren Potts
Signon:Shannon Proffit, Warren Jones
Finish:Les Preston

A Grade Podium

Sorry no other pics this week!

Bill Osbourne Memorial Handicap 10th June 2017 Results

Thanks to all our volunteers on the day:
Chief Commissaire:Rene Lubbers
Signon/Finish:Steve Schoemaker, Martina Sheehan (for Phil Kesby), Clinton Fraser, Laurie Kelly, Cameron Bailey, Trudi Whelan, Thomas Dillon
First Aid: A1 First Aid

Division 1
1st David Wadsworth (Hamilton)
2nd Connor Sherlock (Balmoral)
3rd Liam McCarthy (Kangaroo Pt)
4th Mick Manson (Hamilton)
Fastest Lady Bree Playel (Uni)
Fastest Time Connor Sherlock (Provisional - to be confirmed)

Division 2
1st Andrea Alexander (Hamilton)
2nd Phil Gibson (Hamilton)
3rd Suz Davis (Hamilton)

June 3rd 2017 Nundah Results

Thanks to our volunteers:
Chief Commissaire:John Madigan
Assistant Commissaire: Rene Lubbers
Signon:Shaun O'Brien, Rik Taylor, Gary Alcorn
Marshalls: Mark Hayes, Michael Upton

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Womens Only Racing!

Junior B Ashton and Marly

Junior C Luke

Womens C L-R Amanda Roosmalen, Bridget Mallory, Catherine Scott, Sue Dingas

Womens D L-R Bronwyn May, Lyn Bridge, Ali Thomas, Sam Cary

D Grade L-R Roger Bower, Pete McDonald, Phil Gibson, Laurie Kelly

C1 Grade L-R Gary Ernst, Aaron Fisher, Mark Camilleri

B2 Grade L-R Daniel van Driel, Callum Dolby, Romain Lovisco, Mick Cole

B2 L-R Hugo Greenhill, James Ralph, Paul Robertson, Dave Wadsworth

A Grade L-R Mitch Neumann, Mick Bettany, Sam Volkers, Jordon Ross, Nick Miller